One dead father. Two mothers. Two brothers who didn't know they were brothers. One inheritance.


Until one fateful day, Daniel, a young American in his twenties, and Luca an Italian of similar age, had absolutely nothing in common. But on that day events would conspire to change their lives, forever.
On that day each would learn of the passing of their father. But what neither was expecting to learn was that their father was the same man.To complicate things even further, the deceased Vincenzo, having fathered the two boys with two women as different as their sons, has bequeathed his home on the beautiful isle of Capri, to the two half-brothers — equally.
Barely over the shock and anger of discovering the existence of the other, the young men set out, under the watchful eye of Guido, Vincenzo’s brother, to claim their inheritance.
At Guido’s urging, all three agree to travel from Milan to Capri by car thus creating a road to discovery of Vincenzo’s past (carefully plotted by Guido) through the magnificent Italian countryside and a two of its most beautiful cities.
This is a story of two young men coming to grips with each other, literally and figuratively, on the often bruising road to becoming brothers and unifying a divided family.
It is also as story of a man achieving more in death than he was ever able to achieve in life.
ROAD TO CAPRI is a touching romantic comedy about brotherly love over two generations, and a wonderful joy ride set against one of the world’s most stunning backdrops.

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